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Sedus Ergonomic Chairs 

The Sedus Company

Sedus was founded in 1871 in Germany by Albert Stoll and Max Klock. The goal for the company’s three dozen employees was to design the most comfortable chairs in the world. They began constructing ergonomic chairs from bent wood, which was the material most readily available. Sedus also concentrated on developing more innovative production methods while caring for the ecology of the area.

Ergonomic Chairs

From its inception, the company was committed to designing ergonomic chairs and so they continued to improve their design. In 1912, Sedus ergonomic chairs they moved to the production of spoke back chairs. The horizontal and vertical spokes provided much greater stability and additional support. In all their research, Sedus demonstrated a pioneering spirit and at the turn of the century, they focused on chairs that would improve a person’s posture. It made sense that making a person feel less tired at the end of the day would make them more productive at work.

Sedus Swivel Chairs

In 1925, Sedus introduced the first spring-mounted swivel chair in Europe. The company’s continued research showed the importance of posture change and its relevance to personal well-being. Sedus was the first company to link an employee’s comfort to productivity and overall success. For this reason, they began the holistic office furniture campaign. The Open Up chair was one of the first in a series of swivel chairs that opened to an angle of 40 degrees. This flexibility made it perfect not only for work, but also for the “powernap”, which was gaining popularity as a productivity technique.

Meeting & conference chairs

It was time to move comfort into the modern conference room and Sedus was the right company for this goal. New chairs called OnSpot, All Right, and Match had a classic style that could be combined with the most up to date conference and meeting room motif. They had an upscale streamlined design, yet were inviting and cozy enough to be placed in a lounge. The seats and backs could even be upholstered, providing a wide range of flexibility. These newly designed meeting & conference chairs were created to make team and co-working areas welcoming while still maintaining the productive ergonomic environment. 


For over 100 years, Sedus has been producing chairs that are modern and comfortable because they adapt to the needs of the people. They have always made the person’s physical and emotional state a priority. But, through it all, they have never forgotten the environment. They were the first European company in their industry to create an environment management and auditing department and in 2012, they received the environment friendly award for companies in Baden-Württemberg. Today they remain a driving force in employee comfort.

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