Choosing the right mobile stand for your meeting

Providing your presenters the right tools to educate your audience makes you look more professional and makes it easier for them to communicate important information. While you’re likely to display information from their electronic device on a big screen, you’ll also need to provide a mobile stand for any device that’s not a laptop. That means you need to readily accommodate presenters who need to reference their cell phone, tablet, a television set, or need to handwrite items. A mobile stand allows presenters to display their device for reference and to present with their hands free. You can easily accommodate all presenters by acquiring three stands.

Desk or Table Mobile Stands

A desk or table mobile stand lets the presenter display their device on the podium while presenting. Look for a stand that features a multi-function clip, so each person can adjust the device location to their comfort. For instance, the clip lets one anchor the device to either podium side, making it easier to use for both left-handed and right-handed users. A flexible arm allows each user to adjust for angle and distance. Look for a design that lets the user rotate the device displayed 360 degrees. This helps when presentations occur in semi-circular layouts or in the round. Some stands come with a built-in enlarger which magnifies the information displayed on the screen. This helps when used in smaller meetings where a big screen display is unavailable. Finally, look for a mobile stand that accommodates a number of electronic devices. Not everyone uses an iPhone.

Mobile Television Stands

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Your presenter may have a video to accompany their talk. A mobile television stand lets you display a flat panel TV. Most conference units accommodate larger screens of 37 to 65 inches, and a weight of up to 100 pounds. Look for a unit that includes a shelf and device tray to accommodate other audio and video equipment. Determine if a unit with wheels or a four-legged stand suits your needs. If you choose a wheeled stand, ensure the model you choose features locking casters, or it could roll if the presenter bumps it while gesturing.

Flip Chart Mobile Stand

Some presenters enjoy putting good old-fashioned pen to paper. For these individuals, you’ll need to provide a free-standing flip chart mobile stand. Try to find one with tear-off paper on one side and a dry-erase whiteboard on the other side. Will your presenters need a table top or standing height unit? You really need both. A table top unit accommodates presenters who use a wheelchair. With respect to your standing height stand, you’ll again need to determine if you want a stable or wheeled unit. Look for locking casters on wheeled standing units or your presenter’s notes will fly out from under their hand while they write.

Preparing for a major meeting takes time and proper tools. You can accommodate all of your presenters by acquiring three mobile stands that free their hands and allow them to illustrate talking points with graphics and video.

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