Selecting the Best Scaffold Boards

When dealing with construction it is important that you have strong scaffold boards. Such boards provide a solid work platform for your scaffolds. They ensure the builders easily have access to the part of the building being constructed.

Materials for scaffold boards

They can be made of timber; typically, bamboo, steel or plastic. Timber is able to expand or contract depending on the weather. Compression wood can be used but it must be easily identifiable. Steel scaffolds are long lasting since they do not easily split. Plastic boards have the advantage of better grip as well as durability.


The thickness is typically 38mm while the width is 225mm. Their lengths vary from two inches to thirteen inches.

Desirable specifications for scaffold boards

Surface should be smooth. Moisture level should be less than nineteen percent. Knots must be firm, pith as well as sound. They should be encased. Knots should only be on the wide face. The pockets should not be limited and the splits must be of the same size as the width of the plank. Warps should be about half the medium. Wanes should be at least a quarter of the thickness of the plank.

planks for scaffolding

The board must be sufficiently labeled for identification. Also, it must have proof of quality control testing. The date in which proof loading was conducted must be marked on the board. Also, it should contain custom embossing. The board should be able to hold a total weight of about two hundred and fifty pounds. Timber boards must be fire retardant.

Quality control

The board should have high tenacity. The elasticity and rupture factor should be continuously checked to ensure that the boards are safe to use. During quality control, the boards undergo proof testing in which the board is loaded with increasing amounts of weight to determine how much weight it can carry. Stiffness is also checked to ensure the board does not fold when weight is added.

Moisture content analyzed. It should be low under dry conditions. Steel boards undergo an additional deflection test apart from the loading test.

Where to get scaffold boards

These specifications ensure that the board is safe to use. Mario Orlando is a company that designs some of the most elegant scaffold boards. Apart from that, the company’s boards meet all the above specifications making them very safe and stable. Those looking for scaffolding boards will not be disappointed by Mario Orlando.

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