MBA in italy: BBS’s MBAs in English

Bologna Business School: Hotbed of Italian Business Excellence

Welcome to Bologna Business School, a world-class institution that promises to not just offer you tons of invaluable business knowledge divided across various disciplines, but also offers you a chance to meet and interact with among the world’s leading academic giants and practitioners.

Referring to Bologna Business School’s Global MBA Program as hotbed of Italian Business Excellence can be an understatement, given the massive efforts that include a genuine proven faculty and resources injected into the entire system. The Global MBA Program is fuelled by an ever growing network of both Italian business corporations of and top global franchises.

Why choose to advance your career with an MBA in Italy

There are arguably a million reasons to study in Italy, but given this institution, the offers are simply irresistible. Every business undergraduate frequently desires not just to get into the best MBA institution where fellow students are drawn from every corner of the world, but also where getting knowledge through passion can easily be turned into a beautiful career.

An MBA in Italy’s Bologna Business School exposes you to a program that’s tailor-made to prepare you into what tomorrow’s questions will demand as well as meeting some of the most traveled business gurus as lecturers. It’s just a year and you are carved to being one of the most sought-after academicians in the world.

The program is a 12-month plan entirely offered in English sub-divided into:

• General management,

• Concentration-specific courses

• An internship or project work period

Mba and masters at BBS

Accolades and Accreditations

From the 12-month program, you can pick your most appealing concentration from the six proven levels offered in this institution. For your information, in less than 15 years, this Global MBA Program has earned immense praise for being what today business enthusiasts and heart-throbs require; the most fulfilling program.

Following that, several accolades and accreditations have been awarded to this prestigious institution. It is a member of ASFOR (Associazione Italiana per la Formazione Manageriale) and since 2009, it has consistently featured among the leading global business schools. It has established academic networks and bonds with seven of the leading MBA Schools that brings together institutions from America, Europe, Africa, and even China.


The Global Masters Program

The Global MBA in this Italian institution includes six different full-time concentrations for all entrants. The Masters programs are:

MBA in corporate finance

• MBA in design, fashion, and luxury goods

• MBA in food and wine

• MBA in Green energy and sustainable businesses

• MBA in Innovation Management

• MBA in China/Far East and Europe Business Relations

It’s worthy to add that all alumni of this center of academic excellence located in the foothills of Bologna value every minute spent in this institution. The organization is relatively young but, is quickly conquering the world. It’s truly a hotbed of Italian excellence in international standards.

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