Every Student’s Struggle Between School and Work

Education is a big goal for everyone nowadays. Striving for a college degree or other advanced degrees will open doors for people in the hopes of making more money and being more financially stable in our society. For many being a student adds strain to their life, including their fiscal life. In order to balance student and financial obligations, many students must work whether it is part-time or full-time employment.
Students who work outside of the classroom have added pressures on them. For some, there are not enough hours in the day to get readings, homework, and studying completed while holding down a job. The time constraints feed into students not getting enough sleep which can affect them psychologically and emotionally. Other pressures that are created for the working students include the strain they may encounter if work offers a bit of over time which may run into the class time. It is often hard for a student to balance the pressures from both, work and school and what should have a higher priority.

If you are a student who deals with the responsibility of working and going to school, there are ways to keep a balance within your life. First, you must prioritize responsibilities. You must decide on a case by case basis what is more important. Obviously some things trump others, such as family obligations. If you have to pick children from daycare or an important family event, then those obligations may come before your schooling and your work. When it comes to balancing your life, try and talk to your boss about having some flexibility in your schedule. You can talk to your teachers; some are understanding and allow for make-up work. Open communication can help a lot of times. A second quality you must practice is time management. It is easy to fall into a rut and procrastinate until the last minute. As long as you are able to focus your time and attention to one particular thing at that particular time, then you will be able to balance all of the tasks on your plate.

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